Leadership Program

Applications for the Fall 2019 Semester will begin in Summer 2019. Please check back!

The Leadership Program’s goal is to empower students, assisting them to develop increased personal awareness, confidence, and leadership qualities. Our vision is to create open-minded leaders who are consistently challenging themselves to be ethical and authentic contributors to their community.

The Leadership Program consists of dynamic theoretical content and a four-month semester of practical, hands-on learning through volunteering. Leadership students begin their semester by attending a three-hour seminar on the principles of leadership. Emphasis will be applied to concepts that are applicable to their subsequent volunteer experience at the Tao. In this interactive seminar, students will receive and practice leadership principles such as proactivity, positive communication skills, collaborative coaching, and the importance of full commitment in a leadership moment. This seminar is designed to challenge students of all ages to develop emotionally, intellectually and socially.

After completing the seminar, students are scheduled into the volunteer program thus beginning their hands-on training. Students wear a blue Gi top while volunteering to distinguish themselves as leaders as they assist Instructors in delivering engaging classes. As students develop their leadership skills, they will be invited to participate in further coaching and mentorship opportunities. The volunteer process provides leadership students with opportunities to receive one-on-one constructive feedback from Tao teaching staff.

The concepts and skills acquired through this program is sequential by design, building on each other, to enhance students self-esteem and interpersonal talents. Therefore, each participant is asked to commit to a weekly shift at the Tao. If a student is unable to attend a shift, we ask that they contact Instructor Kate directly (and preferably in advance!).

After a student has completed their semester of volunteering, they may continue to attend additional seminars in the Leadership Programs. The Tao staff are committed to the long-term development of it’s Leadership Students.

We invite questions and appreciate your feedback. Please direct communication regarding the Leadership Program to Instructor Kate at kate@taoofpeace.com.

Applications for the Fall 2019 Semester will begin in Summer 2019. Please check back!

While all the Instructors at the Tao take an active role in the growth and development of our Leadership Students,  Instructor Kate is spearheading the project.