Fees are subject to cost of inflation adjustment in September

Monthly Training Fees

Little Ninja                            $73*   or   $61**       1 class
Junior-Teen                           $107* or   $89**       2 classes
Adult                                        $120*  or   $100**   2 classes
Parent                                      $105*  or   $88**      2 classes (adult with child in program)
Adult - Unlimited                $145*  or   $121**    
Parent -Unlimited               $127*  or   $106**    

*   Monthly Agreement: Monthly payments. Cancel with 30 days notice. No cancellation fee. Automatic renewal to new term.
** Yearly Agreement: Commitment of 12 consecutive monthly payments. Early cancellation fee of $175. Automatic renewal to new term.

First month is pro-rated.

Start Up Fees

Lifetime Membership        $133
Uniform                                 $67
T-shirt                                    $25

Belt Testing Fees

Little Ninja                            No testing
Junior-Intermediate            $70
Teen                                         $75
Adult                                        $80

Fitness Room Fees

Available for family members of active students. 

Students                                 Free
Drop In                                  $5
Monthly                                 $15

*  Age Requirement: 14-15 yrs, guardian must be present. 16-17 yrs, guardian consent required.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Prices do not include GST

Interac, Cash, Cheque
Please note that we do not accept credit cards.

Training fees are paid via auto withdrawal from a debit account on the 1st of the month.