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1.5hr workshop, no cost, open to community, 7-11yrs

The Bully Proofing workshop is a fun and interactive program for ages 7-11 with parent involvement. This course helps young people and their guardians to explore how a bully experience can provide opportunities for personal growth. We’ll examine strategies that allow each student to become increasingly more bully proof. This workshop is not about defeating the bully or changing their behaviour. We teach how altering and shaping our own attitudes and behaviours empower us so bullies no longer have power over us. Learn how we can share power with others and strive for a win–win outcome.

Guardians are required to attend this workshop with their child, in order to help facilitate a great experience as well as to assist their youngster in debriefing or processing the new skills and ideas.

The Bully Proofing Workshop is held on an annual basis.

Date: Friday Nov 1, 2019
Time: 6:15pm-8pm