Little Ninjas (5-6 yrs)

45 minute class, once per week

Emphasis is on empowering and nurturing students to develop great manners, respect, and self-discipline. We facilitate students to improve their basic co-ordination, agility, flexibility, and strength. Through modeling fair discipline and consistent structure, students will be learning to communicate effectively and respectfully. Little Ninja’s learn to cooperate in small and large groups as they become more confident in how they interact with others. True respect first is developed through self-respect and acceptance. Your child’s evolving positive self-esteem is our primary objective.

Junior (7–11 Yrs)

One hour class, twice per week

Emphasis is on effective communication skills and self-esteem. Apart from teaching realistic self-defense and martial arts, we include anatomy, first aid and life skills while having FUN. Philosophical concepts and life skill tools are introduced and their daily application encouraged as the junior’s progress in personal development.

Teen (12+ yrs)

One hour class, twice per week

Emphasis is placed on harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit, through dynamic martial arts training. Life skills are an integral part of the program and compliment the overall teaching of realistic self-defense, fitness and authentic leadership.



Realistic self-defense and martial arts are developed through collaboration in a non-competitive atmosphere. Emphasis is on enhancing personal wellness and attaining fitness goals in addition to the martial arts training. Exploration of philosophical concepts that enhance personal development, relationships, leadership, and inner peace are exemplified through martial arts training.  

Every class starts with a warm-up to prevent injuries, build strength and cardio fitness according to each student's physical abilities. Monday and Tuesday cover our strikes, kicks, blocks, breakfalls and rolls. Wednesday and Thursday rotate to cover our weapons, trapping, joint lock and anti-grappling curriculum. A sparring class is held on Wednesday evening and allows the student to test the skills acquired during the week.  

A true mixed martial arts system with a strong background in Hapkido (Aikido, Judo, Tae-kwon-do), and has influences from Boxing, Kickboxing, numerous styles of Kung Fu, Kempo Karate, Filipino Martial Arts, and Jui-Jitsu, practiced in a fun, non-competitive, and safe atmosphere. Approximately 5-10 minutes are allotted for a group discussion regarding philosophy of life skills in a bias-free environment.


Safe and controlled sparring is an important aspect of our program as it allows our students to practice their technique and improve their flow. Our sparring has 3 progressive levels of intensity allowing students to participate at a level that meets their individual needs. Sparring is a conscious practice to mutually benefit both partners in all aspects of personal development. The intention for our sparring is to learn how to cooperate with your partner so that you both can learn and grow in a safe environment.