Bully Proofing

Bully proofing at the Tao is the process of transforming the bullied child or adult into an assertive, confident and compassionate person. With the exploration of wisdom concepts, students begin to see all adversities along with the bully's attempts at control, as an opportunity for personal growth. Our program is about shifting perspectives that in some way support the victim mentality. By allowing bully proofing students to examine and distinguish their current beliefs between illusion and reality, we enhance self-awareness while promoting personal safety. Through understanding bully dynamics and reflecting on personal insecurities and behaviours, students vastly increase their positive communication skills and confidence. By thoroughly examining fear based emotions our students learn to use fear wisely while establishing an inner state of peace.

As students increase their awareness of how bullies operate and the ways that victims possibly attract bullies, practical strategies are taught that allow students to calmly deflect the aggressive and hurtful bully behaviors.

Bully Proof: The Gift of Self-Esteem

Concepts and Practical Strategies
For Parents, Educators and Coaches

by Chris Leigh-Smith
Illustrations by Sabrina Niebler

Available now in the Tao office or through Friesen Press or on Amazon! E-book available on iTunes & Google Play.

Everyone has been affected by violence, intimidation and bullying to some degree. How we choose to respond to it makes all the difference. The way we handle the difficult times can be the catalyst to becoming an assertive person. So, we begin our journey into true freedom. Let’s arm our children with self-awareness, confidence and courage. Let’s coach them so they have an intellectual understanding of the bully, and teach them social and emotional skills that will allow them to thrive in a world where bullies have always existed. Your child can start to alter his or her experience and install a deeper sense of confidence and peace. Teach your child to see the value in the opportunity for personal growth.

What we can learn from bullies is so special that it affects our whole lives. In our desire to protect our children from the bully, the bully experience is often labeled as a negative one. If children can be taught that the bully experience can provide opportunities for growth, then there is a shift in perception that allows for that growth to happen.

This book is for the whole family, educators, and coaches. There are three major sections.

Part I explores concepts for bully proofing centred around building self-esteem. These concepts are enriched by the tradition of storytelling which can be shared with children and students.

Part II provides activities and strategies to help your children enter the world of assertiveness. There is often a gap between the desire to be assertive and the ability to reach that goal. This section guides parents and educators to become the loving mentor that supports children in transitioning from doubt to confidence.

Part III goes beyond bully proofing to authentic relationships, recognizing that everyone needs healing. The reader is invited to embark on an adventure that goes way beyond being competent with bullies; this journey is one of evolving self-leadership.

As with all adventures, the only limitation to inner greatness is fear and fear’s many masks. I wish you a bold and daring life, rich with experiences that you harness for personal growth and happiness.

Purchase the book in the Tao office or through Friesen Press or on Amazon! E-book available on iTunes & Google Play.

Bully Proofing Family Workshop

1.5hr workshop, no cost, open to community, 7-11yrs

The Bully Proofing workshop is a fun and interactive program for ages 7-11 with parent involvement. This course helps young people and their parents to explore how a bully experience can provide opportunities for personal growth. We’ll examine strategies that allow each student to become increasingly more bully proof. This workshop is not about defeating the bully or changing their behaviour. We teach how altering and shaping our own attitudes and behaviours are self-empowering so that bullies no longer have power over us. Learn how we can share power with others and strive for a win–win outcome.

Parents/guardians are required to attend this workshop with their child, in order to help facilitate a great experience as well as to assist their youngster in debriefing or processing the new skills and ideas.

The Bully Proofing Workshop is held on an annual basis.

Date: Friday November 1, 2019
Time: 6:30 - 8pm

Please see our sister website www.taoofwisdom.com for resource material.

Teen Empowerment and Self-Defence

2 hr workshop, no cost, 12+yrs

The Teen Protection workshop is for children 13+ years of age. This course helps young people to explore the spectrum of bullying from passive to assault including cyber bullying. We examine behaviours that transform you from an easy target to empowered and assertive. You will develop your own ‘mental files’ and strategies to deal with a variety of situations including bullying in the work place. We will also explore the power of allies. Altering and shaping our own attitudes and behaviours are self-empowering so that difficult situations no longer have power over us.

Date: TBA

Bully Proofing Course for Parents, Educators, and Coaches

This program is designed to provide parents, educators and coaches with a deeper understanding of the bully dynamics so that they may work more effectively with children. During each session participants will build concepts and skills while learning how to support your child in this ongoing process of bully proofing. It is essential that the parents keep the learning alive for their child and support them in this journey of self-discovery and awareness.

Session One -  Understanding Helps
An introduction to the Bully, the Bullied/Victim, and the Healthy/Assertive person. Learn the difference between being hard to target, an easy target, the victim mentality, bullied and assault. We’ll then explore the child’s roles and responsibilities.

Session Two - Strategies for Bully Proofing
There are over 20 strategies that help with bully proofing your child. Learn about each strategy and how to combine them to intuitively match the bully circumstance.

Session Three - How to Effectively Share Strategies with Your Children
Learn how to work with your children so they have the opportunity to develop and practice healthy and assertive behaviour.

 If you have financial constraints, please contact us and inquire about sponsorship for workshops.