“I love training here. As someone who had no experience in martial arts I was very nervous, all of the instructors and fellow students are incredibly supportive and positive. I have grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the Tao.”
- Laura

“A big, warm thank you to sensei Chris Leigh-Smith and all of the staff and volunteers at the Tao of Peace. You care deeply about your students, your community, your environment and it shows. You have tirelessly proven yourself invaluable by teaching us life skills, patience, self-respect, discipline, and self-defence against bullies. It has been an honour and a privilege for me and my family to be a part of your studio since 1999. Namaste.”
- Pamela

“Amazing for our son and our family. This is an amazing experience for anyone looking for a great connection with others.”
- R.

“A safe environment for failure and/or success.”
- Ian

Friday evening was our family's first belt test experience. We wanted to let you know how impressed and grateful we are for that sacred evening. In all the thousands of hours I spent training in sports and dance while growing up, never did I have a coach or instructor look me in the eye and tell me what he/she saw in me. That moment was so beautiful and profound for both (our kids), and for us as parents. We are thrilled with so many things that you do to make the Tao an enlightened place for learning about life. We never imagined an extra-curricular activity would reinforce all the values we teach our kids. We are so grateful for what you do."
- Christina & Paul

“I am very thankful to you for teaching me to be mindful of my actions. If it were not for you I would not be able to control my anger, which has helped make me more successful at school. You taught me to stand up for myself and I really appreciate the time and effort it took you to create the Tao of Peace. It has made a great impact on my life."

“On behalf of (my son) and our entire family, I would like to thank you for the wonderful and rewarding past two years at the studio. (My son) has learned so much. He has improved in strength, coordination, and body awareness. He has utilized many of the great training stories in coaches corner, some of which we have shared with his teachers and they, in turn, have shared with their classes. (...)Thank you for everything you did for us. You have a remarkable place."
-K. & A.

“The Tao of Peace was recommended to me by my co-worker, and I have since recommended this programme to numerous other families. I can't say how eloquently enough just how impressed I am. I am looking forward to the day when my son will be able to join in as part of the family there too. Thank you!"

“I want to thank you all for providing such a positive and fun environment for (my daughter) to learn and grow within her body as well as her spirit."