Student Expectations and Etiquette

At the Tao, we set high consistent standards that encourage students to strive for excellence in their thoughts, words and actions. Each student increases their awareness of behaviours that promote respect, acceptance, and harmony.  *Dojo or Dojang refers to the matted training areas.

General Etiquette   

  • Respect for all. Equal respect for everyone regardless of their behaviour.
  • Use of Heart~Mind when making decisions, blending emotional intelligence and intuition with logical and creative thought.
  • Communication that is supportive, and truthful.
  • Understand compassionately the feelings and needs of fellow students. Let empathy and honesty be your guide when dealing with self and others.
  • Instructors are addressed as Sir, Sensei, or Instructor so and so. Students are asked to respond to instructors politely, followed by “Sir”. Examples: “Yes Sir”, “Thank you Sir”. 
  • For safety reasons, children are asked to stay off the mats unless they are in class.
  • Please no talking during coaches corner and muc do (meditation routine)
  • Please leave footwear in the boot room on the shelves upon entering the Tao. Please ensure your child's shoes are labelled.
  • Medications, EpiPens, inhalers etc. are to be held in fanny packs that are clearly marked with the student name.   These packs are to be placed, with the instructors knowledge,  at the dojo where you are training.
  • Adult Students: Bags/valuables can be kept under the chairs along the side of the dojo during your class.
  • We have a few lost and found bins - ask us where!
  • Students are expected to be in uniform during independent training hours.

Injury and Health Concerns

Please let the office staff and/or instructors know of any injuries and health concerns you may have. Be sure to self-advocate and the instructors will do their best to modify drills and activities to suit your ability. If you need to pause your training due to an injury or health concern, please contact the office.

Arriving Late

While promptness is preferable, we would rather you come late than not come at all.
If you are late, please follow the following procedures:

  • Little Ninjas: Please come into the office and we will take you to a group.
  • Juniors-Teens: Please bow onto the dojang, mucdo in (meditation routine), and wait at the side of the class in sho position (standing with hands behind your back) until the Instructor invites you in/directs you in a warm up.
  • Adults: Please bow onto the dojang, perform mucdo (meditation routine), follow the warm up exercise sheet on the whiteboard and then, for safety reasons, please respectively wait until the Instructor invites you in.

See videos on the right for instructions: “How to Bow onto the Dojo Floor" and “How to Mucdo". For more videos, please visit our YouTube channel here.

Signing In For Class / Attendance

All students are given a code. Be sure to sign in on the attendance computer for each class you attend with your code!

  • Little Ninjas: Sign in on attendance computer. Classes are counted toward colored stripes on their belt.
  • Juniors-Adults: Sign in on attendance computer. Classes are counted toward belt progression.

Please click here for more information on belt progression.