Peaceful Parent, Confident Children

There are four Peaceful Parenting, Confident Children Workshops. Each level includes 3 sessions of 1.5-2hrs each.  

Parenting is one of the most challenging and yet rewarding experiences that one can undertake. The art of loving discipline, consistency, flexibility, and creating highly respectful relationships are explored in this interactive program. Raising a child stretches our patience, understandings, and our self-awareness to new heights.

Peaceful parents and confident children go hand in hand. Parents of toddlers to teens will be able to explore new perspectives which increase awareness to our thinking, actions and behaviors. As we grow, our children grow. Personal growth, in relation to self-awareness or self-actualization is directly related to how well we connect to our children.

The Tao of Peace offers 3-session workshops to inspire adults in their quest to be a cherished mentor for their children. Each session is 1.5 hours long and are one month apart. This allows participants to observe their behaviors and work with the models.

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Awareness - Access Your Inner Wisdom

Foundation course

This workshop offers 3 - session to inspire adults in their quest to be a cherished mentor for their children. Each session is 1.5 hours long and are approximately one month apart which allows parents time to observe their behaviours and work with the conceptual models. This is the foundation course and is a pre-requisite for all the Peaceful Parent, Confident Children courses. 

Session One (1.1) - The Conscious Intent Model

Create a vision for parenting, teaching or coaching from your inner wisdom. We start by building a common language and understanding. We look at how the polar opposites of Fear and Love create an umbrella for all emotions. The concept that all emotions are generated from either our fears or from the love that we hold, is pivotal for parenting. We’ll review the impact to you using real life and personal examples that we may face with parenting. The application of the Soul and Ego Triangles to create a peaceful and effective process is central to the first day.

Session Two (1.2) – Models for Increasing Awareness

Learn how to recognize the conditions that will allow you to establish authentic connection with your inner wisdom. The purpose of Day 2 is to increase personal-awareness by recognizing the sign posts of Soul Triangle, and the Above/Below the Line model and understand the implications to you and your family. Learn how to switched your perspective, and be clear thinking, calm and centred.

Session Three (1.3) – Respond versus React

Learn the 5 basic strategies that are the key to transitioning from reacting to responding. Be in the same state whether there is an ‘expansive’ or ‘contractive’ event. We welcome your real life situations to demonstrate the practical applications.

Respectful Connection

Pre-requisite is the foundation course - Access Your Inner Wisdom

This workshop focuses on creating deep levels of respect at the core of our being and parenting style. Respect is the foundational language necessary for a positive parent and child relationship. The ‘how to’ of modeling and teaching self-respect and unwavering confidence, along with great manners and positive communication skills, is explored.

This series examines our conditioned strategies that parents, educators and coaches use in their day to day interactions with children that are destructive to building that positive and trusting relationship that we desire.
Additional aspects of this workshop are how to nurture your children’s or students’ highest potential while incorporating the elements of play, fun & laughter into the parent’s role of discipline and coaching.

The course is designed to be interactive as we encourage questions and comments throughout the program. Participants are able to share or not share in keeping with their current level of comfort. Our continued goal is to see all our children’s or students’ behaviours as gifts or opportunities so that we can learn and grow together.

Session One (2.1) - Respect

  • Destructive Games & Strategies
  • Encouraging and Modelling Respect
  • False Versus Real Respect
  • When Disrespect Is Normal
  • Language of Respect
  • Positive Communication
  • Teaching Great Manners
  • Building Pauses

Session Two (2.2) - Connect

  • Vulnerability and Openness
  • Listening
  • Capturing the Moments of Connection

Session Three (2.3) - The Bond

  • Time the Illusion
  • Play, Fun and Laughter
  • Creating the Highest Potential
  • Trust

Discipline is Love

Pre-requisite is the foundation course - Access Your Inner Wisdom

How we create an environment and consciousness of loving discipline is the goal of these sessions. Shifting our perspective from the punitive form of discipline to the interactive learning, coaching, and loving style of discipline builds that powerful bond between child and parent. Strategies and guidelines of discipline and leadership are discussed that allow parents or educators to become a highly respected mentor.

How to encourage and allow for children to take greater levels of responsibility for their behaviours is vital to awaking within them the self-discipline that we wish to nourish. This workshop does not rely on rules that blanket all children and parenting situations with a similar response, rather we will embrace a greater awareness of human behaviour, needs and emotions. Loving discipline is an art and a science that allows all of us greater freedom.

Session One (3.1) - Kids View of Fair Discipline as Love

  • Defining Discipline as Love
  • From Punitive to Learning
  • The Loving Boss
  • Natural & Collaborative Consequences

Session Two (3.2) - Communicate So Kid's Will Believe and Trust You

  • Your Word Is Your Bond
  • Say It Once
  • Impeccable Thought, Word & Action
  • Consistency Is the Recipe & Flexibility Rules
  • Art of Asking Questions
  • Being Crystal Clear
  • Identifying The Issues
  • The Behaviour Masks the Core Concern

Session Three (3.3) - Open to Change

  • Allow Children Their Feelings
  • Takes Two to Argue
  • Growing Gratitude for Discipline
  • Diminishing Rules Theory

Self Esteem

Pre-requisite is the foundation course - Access Your Inner Wisdom

How our children see, value, and trust themselves, is essential to their overall well-being. Parents and educators have a vital role in empowering children to build and maintain their self-esteem. This workshop embarks on the never ending journey of self-confidence and the elements that truly affect self-esteem. We will be discovering the building blocks of self-worth and learning how to overcome the obstacles that threaten our inner confidence. Programming and conditioning are part and parcel of our children’s lives. Positive programming, creating discernment, and building will power for our children is fun and doable. We will explore ways to allow our children and ourselves the opportunity to take back the reins and to guide ourselves into self-mastery.   

Session One (4.1) - Condition Confidence and Compassion

  • Defining Programming & Conditioning
  • Counter Programming
  • Conditioning Confidence and Compassion
  • Universe Does Not Recognize Negatives
  • No Wrong Answers
  • Persistently Positive

Session Two (4.2) - Build & Maintain Self-Worth

  • Sleep Time Programming for Self-Esteem
  • Identifying The Essence of Real Self-Worth
  • Achievement Based Self-Esteem
  • The Illusion
  • Self-Esteem Is an Inside Job
  • Children Become the Master
  • Self-Esteem Games
  • Posters
  • Creating the Village

Session Three (4.3) - Freedom & Self-Reliance

  • From Enabling to Empowering
  • Power of Acceptance
  • Inspiring, Loving and Visioning
  • Letting Them Go

Stress to Peace

2hr seminar, 12+ years Recommended for Adults with teens.

Stress is an inevitable part of life.

There are many external ways to deal with stress that are very valuable. For example, nutrition, time management, living conditions and life style choices, etc. This includes where you work and how you use leisure time.

Stress to Peace Workshop focuses on internal ways to deal with stress. We all can learn to reduce, re-frame, or to transform stress into learning opportunities.  Adjusting how we currently handle stress internally will impact and influence how we deal with stress externally. How we view the stresses in our lives impacts how that stress affects us. Learn to transform stress from a negative experience to a catalyst for physical, intellectual and emotional growth.

This 2 hour seminar provides participants with practical strategies that one can apply immediately to transform stress to peace.