Coaches Corner SuggestioN Box

The Tao is committed to assisting our clients on their journey towards self-awareness and character development. We will attempt to answer questions that are respectful and that are appropriate for that particular age grouping. The goal of the Tao is to honour all people and to provide an environment that is accepting and respectful towards them regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or age. Our objective is not to indoctrinate our students or to bias them with our own unique perspective, rather we wish to facilitate an open sharing of wisdom concepts and to the best of our abilities, provide information that reflects universal truths.

We would like to encourage students and their parents to provide ideas for our Coaches Corners or philosophy sessions. Please suggest topics, concepts or areas of interest along with direct questions that will guide our Coaches Corners.

This can be done anonymously and easily through the form below.

Please include your CLASS TIME AND DAY with your suggestion so we know which class to address.

We are also thrilled to receive your feedback on how our school is doing to enhance your experience. However, please do not use the online suggestion box for this. We are better able to respond to your valuable feedback if you share your constructive comments through emails.

We would like to thank you in advance for your fabulous suggestions and questions!